UFO Sightings on Top of the Dome of the Rock

UFO or Unidentified Flying Object becomes interesting subjects of discussions. Many people believe that there is civilization other than human’s in the outer space, and these are regarded as civilization of alien. These may seem like story of novels and movies, but some cases of UFO appearances intrigued and triggered some people to totally believe that the aliens had the means to come to earth and UFOs were regarded as the spaceship of these extraterrestrial vehicles. UFO Sightings were recorded and documented in some videos. There were no valid proofs that these appearances were related to the aliens’ spaceship, but people speculated so.

One of the famous UFO appearances or sightings is the one recorded in 2011. It was a video recorded on Jerusalem. The video showed that there was an unidentified flying object flying on top of the Dome of the Rock. This is the famous place in Jerusalem because it is related to the history of special figure in the Bible. The appearance of the video went viral and many people said that the flying object on top of the Dome of The Rock is UFO. The video was made and filmed by one of the tourist and it gained millions views quickly because many people are interested in the UFO and its appearance.

In the video, it was shown that an object was flying on top of the Dome of the Rock. It could be seen quite clearly in the video because it was bright and glowing. The object seemed hovering and flew with high speed so there was trail of light in the video. However, the video was not good in quality. It was shaky so the details could not be seen even if it was edited to improve the resolution and its detail. Sharpening the object in the video was also helpless to clarify whether it was true UFO or other else. Thus, it showed no conclusive evidence of the UFO appearance in the sky of Dome of The Rock.

Although the authenticity of the video was unclear, some people believed that it was UFO. The video was shaky and the details were bad in there, but people still thought that it was real appearance of UFO in the sky. Of course, these make the video gained great attention regardless people truly believed it. Some people might not believe it, but they were driven by their curiosity of the video. Even, some people said that it was fabricated video to gain popularity and make people excited. Yet, even if it was a fake, it still had triggered great attention.

The video of UFO in Jerusalem became one of the famous controversies regarding UFO in the modern world. Some experts even spent their time to analyze and try figuring out the truth behind the videos. However, there were still no clear explanations even until now after many years of the video appearance in public. Even so, it had gained huge interest so there were many documentaries and discussions about it shortly after the video appeared in public. Some people even made it into novels and inspiration to write songs. Of course, the UFO sighting in Jerusalem was regarded as interesting story of UFO in histories.

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