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Tuition courses are particularly beneficial for students who need further academic assistance to clear their questions and become more secure in their studies. Physics in high school is one of the topics that provide you with the knowledge that you can use after school to create things. However, to learn the concepts and pass the tests, just like other science subjects, a lot of time and effort is needed. Kung Fu Physics is committed to helping you succeed, so we’ve scheduled a series of JC Physics tutoring sessions during the week.

Why  JC physics tuition

The teachers there draw on their backgrounds as engineers and educators to help students like you understand the different A-level physics principles and shift your outlook on the topic. As a result, students researching physics at the junior college level are exposed to a wide range of subjects with a more in-depth insight into the world of physics.

In contrast to O-level physics, the JC physics syllabus is divided into H1 Physics and H2 Physics. The main goal is to provide students with a deeper and more comprehensive knowledge of the natural science of physics.

Since H2 physics is more sophisticated and comprehensive than H1, students cover a wider range of topics.

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