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If you are like most small business owners, you might not have the presence on the internet for your business. While your local business might have a website (which is good, because more than 50% small business owners don’t). It’s nice to have a website that at least receives some traffic from search engines which ultimately bring you in business.

While people still use telephone books, it’s better to move more towards the internet and make your business presence online. A small example is when my friends start their own local photography shop, they have skills and equipment, but they don’t have a website. I stepped in and helped them create a website with some information and display some of their personal work.

The key is clearly getting a rating for keywords for about a month. Competing locally for keywords is generally very easy compared to trying to market your business with national keywords or something common like “car”. For example, maybe you have a flower shop located in Sprigville, you will most likely it will be easier for “Springville Flower Shop”.

Great, so far we have a website and have an idea of ​​what we hope people will search. If not, you can use the keyword tool to see how popular the query. With the best new website it is fixed on the key words of low competition, there is no point in trying to compete for keywords like a car.

There are various ways to promote your business for free. The first method is YouTube. Create a small commercial company and upload to YouTube using your keywords in the title, add descriptions and links to your website from YouTube. Video is a great way to get involved with users. If you use YouTube, you can make as many videos as you want, maybe show the tips about the service you provided. Just an example: if you are a local car dealer why not make a video sharing your knowledge about the car mechanism?

The next way to promote your business is Facebook. You can create a free fan page on Facebook and invite people to “like” or become a fan. The more people you involve basically creating a broader advertising range because you can post photos, status updates, and videos from YouTube and other sites to your page.

It is 2 of my personal favorite ways to promote an online business. You can of course involve users through other social media sites like Twitter. The key is to really provide great content with useful information, if you get out sharing information that people can use, they will come to you. Search engines also like to see the flow of content that is well produced regularly. Content sites that are rich in videos, photos, texts that link to useful information tend to do very well in search engines, but your content must be unique, have a special twist or touch that many users can: relate to or b:.

Promoting your online business doesn’t happen at night, it doesn’t matter what niche or category field you are trying to advertise. You can use the paid advertising method as well as pay per click (PPC). PPC lets you target what users look for, you don’t really pay anything unless they click. Most likely if they clickively will see your website and potentially become customers for your business. I myself have run a lot of PPC campaigns in the past, some have succeeded and others don’t. It’s really about testing the waters, just spend what you can afford and have never been more than what you want to lose.

My personal favorite place to advertise is in the free classified ad section. Free line sites are a great way to promote your business or service. Post in the right category of course. When people come looking for your service, they will most likely buy. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to advertise, but it takes time. It’s basically good down to time vs. money. Conclusion A.

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