Cooking Method: Sauteed

Saute is a word that many people have heard. This is a type of pot, mentioned in many recipes, and is constantly referenced in cooking events. But what exactly stir-fry?

This common cooking method is defined by the use of a shallow pan, a kind of cooking oil or other fat, and is relatively high. If you’ve ever tried stirring fries, or cooking vegetables then chances are you have been sauteed before.

Learn how to stir-fry can correctly help increase the taste of your whole meal and give you access to new recipes. This is a cooking method that is easy to learn and used in many dishes.

Start by placing a fried skillet or shallow sauté over medium or high heat. Let your skillet heat up before adding all your food is important. Starting your food in a cold pan can cause heat that increases slowly that might not give you the color or taste you want from sauteed.

The best way to test whether your pot is hot enough is with just a little water on your finger and jentik falling into the pan. It must sizzle and evaporate quickly. You can also test heat by placing your hands a few inches above the pan. It must be hot but not enough to feel like you will burn if left there.

When the pan is hot enough, add a little oil and make sure it coats the bottom. Be sure to add pressed and healthy oil naturally to diet your food and look for that with a higher smoke point. The extra virgin olive oil tastes good at salads but loses a lot of flavors at high temperatures.

Add vegetables and other ingredients. Stir quite often to prevent stickiness but let the food sit long enough to be brown. This golden brown color is taste. Black burned but chocolate is taste. Mix in your spices and your sauteed you are done.

You can use this for cooking vegetables, for fries, with curry, and many other recipes. Remember the trick is to:

Let the pan heat up, use a shallow pan, use cooking oil, stir regularly, and let your food develop brown. This is a fast cooking method that can make good food, side dishes, and even snacks for your food diet.

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