Christian Post Graduate Studies are Rigorous

Christianity is the most powerful and influential religion in the world with big names such as Pope Francis, John Antioch, and Patriarch Kirill of Moscow popping up on the scenes. Currently, 31.11% of the world’s population identifies themselves as Christian. If we place this percentage into numbers then, 2.382 billion people worldwide are Christians. Now, for Christians to remain at the helm of the path to eternal life, training of future custodians of the religion is necessary.

Baptist Seminary is one way of educating future Christian leaders. Here prospective students are taken through intense training equipping them with skills, knowledge, and the art of breaking down complex bible scripts to congregations. It is indeed a hard task.

For you to be a competent Christian leader, Baptist seminary offers an opportunity to study certificates, master’s programs, and doctorate degrees in Christian affairs.

Master’s Program 

As you ascend slowly to becoming a full Cristian scholar in the middle of your journey you will pass through various master’s degree programs. Master’s programs are meant to open up your thinking capacity, help you explore the bible more, and enable you employ new techniques that will spread the gospel far and beyond.

You may choose to expand your academic catalog by selecting various master’s programs offered by Baptist seminaries. If your calling is to traverse the world as you scatter seeds of hope and eternal life, you may opt for Masters of Divinity Evangelism and Missions.

In this program, students are taken through intensive training of learning how to preach, plan and execute Christian missions, understand the history and philosophy of the church and Christian ethics. The list goes on to cover interesting topics such as systematic theology, evangelism, and apologetics.

However, to enroll in this master’s program you must have a bachelor’s degree from a certified institution and at least one year of Biblical Greek.

Doctorate Program

While you are studying to be the ‘doctor of sins’ and help people learn better and righteous ways, you are also building your academic portfolio. Taking doctorate programs in Christian courses requires an iron heart and a strong stand in the Church.

Ph.D. programs are rigorous in nature and are meant for students with exceptional academic abilities. Any student working to obtain a doctorate degree must have excellent research skills, creative writing capabilities, and an understanding of various roles of church members.

All applicants of this degree must have a master’s program in Theology or Divinity. Also depending on the content of your Master’s degree, you may or may not be required to go for additional studies. These restudies are known as prerequisites.

Other than that, applicants must have average points of 3.5 in bible theology and those who average at 3.3 will take additional courses to demonstrate their academic proficiency.

Bottom Line

Baptist Postgraduate courses are meant to increase your capacity in learning Christian affairs. They are rigorous in nature and require exceptional learning and research skills. Also having good grades is an important factor.

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