All The Details Of NUS MOE Bursary

Education is an important part of lifestyle. It is instrumental for the overall development of an individual and as such, every country understands this vitality of education due to which, it is also made compulsory in most countries. However, not every family or every individual may have the financial resources and the means to support education. This insufficiency can lead them to be devoid of education and therefore, give up the idea of literacy. However, the nus moe bursary helps students to receive education by supporting them financially, mentally, and emotionally so that they become literate individuals.

NUS MOE Bursary

  • They assist the students to receive education by managing, providing, and supporting the financial resources required for full time tertiary education.
  • Students will receive nus moe bursary financial aid and assistance through packages.
  • The package will cover the financial expenses which involve the tuition fees, residential fees, and living expenses.

Education is an important tool for survival. However, not everyone has the luxury and privilege to receive education. They may not have the sufficient financial assistance required to be educated. Hence, with programs like these, every child gets the facility of education and thereby, the opportunity to become their better selves.

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