What are the Academic Achievements of Rachel Tobin

Rachel Tobin Yale has more than ten years of tutoring experience inclusive of ACT, SAT, English, AP Chemistry, and AP Physics. She is a highly regarded teaching professional. She is the founder of Nao Now Tutoring LLC. Rachel is originally from Los Angeles where she graduated from the Marlborough School. It would be pertinent to mention here that Rachel graduated high school as class Valedictorian. After her graduation, Rachel attended Yale University to graduate with a BS in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. During her stay in New Haven, she participated in numerous teaching and tutoring programs. Rachel has been popular for researching at Yale Stem Cell Center.

Right from her university days, Rachel was into leadership and similar activities. She was elected the Co-President of her class at Yale. She was a leader in planning and conducting events for 1300 students. She also led council meetings and designed several communication programs between the students and the administration. During her graduation at Yale, she delivered the Yale Class Day Welcoming Address to more than 15000 people alongside Joe Biden. Her interest in conducting events and handling programs had made her a popular figure during her graduation days at Yale.

Rachel Tobin Yale graduated and returned to Los Angeles. She started working as a 2nd-6th grade science teacher at Koreatown. Rachel developed the latest and precise curriculum for science at every grade level. Her focus was on providing a practical experimental experience. It would be pertinent to mention here that Rachel Tobin was one of the three teachers chosen for serving on the Head of School Search Committee. She was also chosen to serve on the Theme Committee along with facilitating the Student Leadership Program. Rachel has been known to teach After School Enrichment classes and tutored science, math, test prep, and writing.

In the year 2018, Rachel Tobin founded Nao Now. This tutoring company has been known to teach English through modern cultural subjects. It would be pertinent to mention here that the tutoring company uses a contemporary pop-culture approach along with STEM topics to prepare students for both the classroom and standardized tests. The approach has also been used for improving the conversational skills of the students through innovative techniques. The tutoring company has been popular for developing cultural connectivity between the students as well. She helps the students to explore topics teaching them about American culture while developing the confidence, creativity, and critical thinking skills of the students.

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