Tips On How To Use Visual Communication In Content Marketing

What do you think when you hear the words “digital marketing”? For many people, one of the first responses will be “content marketing.” And this is one of the main tools that can be used in online marketing. But it is far from the only one: Other concepts, though lesser-known, can be equally important.

One is visual communication. But how do you put these tools together to create a successful digital marketing plan? In other words, how to use visual communication in content marketing? If you don’t know the answer to this question, don’t worry: In this article, allegro media design will explain everything you need to know to put these resources together.

Discover How To Use Visual Communication In Content Marketing With These Simple Tips

First, it is necessary to define precisely what visual communication is. In digital marketing, this term encompasses any initiatives to promote a brand that includes a graphic element. Thus, every type of online marketing that relies on visual elements is betting on visual communication.

But how does it work in conjunction with content marketing? It is a fact that visual content is viral on the internet, particularly on social media. It is estimated that, on these platforms, posts with images, for example, receive up to 37% more engagement than posts with only text.

However, just like any other type of content, visual content needs to be done strategically to succeed. So, below, we’ll give you some tips that will help you effectively combine visual communication and content marketing.

Put Text In The Image

It is much easier to look at an image and receive information than read a long text in a caption. So, it’s a good idea to put text on images when creating content for social media.

This can be very useful for driven posts, which convey information to users who don’t follow the brand’s profile. However, be careful not to overdo it. On Facebook, for example, the image of a promoted post cannot contain more than 20% of the text.

Use Infographics

Infographics are very useful in content marketing. That’s because they help illustrate a statistic. This illustration works to support the argument being exposed in that content. In this way, an infographic helps make content more believable and more persuasive.

Another great advantage of the infographic is that it is highly sharable content. This means that, on social media, he can gain a lot of shares, which increases the reach of the brand’s profile at allegro media design.

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