Things you need to know about VoIP technology

VoIP is the word buzz everywhere and now it’s time for you to understand VoIP technology and why it seizes a traditional telephone system. VoIP is an acronym for internet protocols through the internet, or just stated, this is a telephone service via the internet. If you have a broadband internet connection, you can then get a telephone service through an internet connection, not a local telephone company.

You must know how different VoIP technology is above your conventional telephone system. Of course there are many similarities, but there are also some who decide that VoIP technology offers. VoIP will facilitate local telephone calls, long distance and international through high-speed internet connections at very low prices. VoIP technology continues to be updated and there are many new features added.

Some interesting VoIP phone system features are – voicemail, three-way conferences, speed dialing, call forwarding, simultaneous ring, call call, caller ID, refund call, block caller ID, rejection of anonymous call, do not disturb the features, and redial the last number , It’s not to talk about extraordinary cost savings that you can enjoy by switching to VoIP.

The IP address identifies each IP phone, and is known by this IP address regardless of where it is connected. The only thing needed will be a broadband connection. This makes the system both portable and flexible.

If you use VoIP through a PC-to-PC connection, then your call is free anywhere, provided, the recipient call also has a VoIP. Furthermore, most VoIP providers offer unlimited call plans for calls made in certain areas, with a single monthly cost. Whatever its use, one very clear thing – traditional telephone services are far more expensive. Most VoIP service providers also offer additional premium services such as Caller ID, at no extra charge.

This is not to say that VoIP has no shortcomings. In fact, there was a recent press release that stated that the technical reviews made by the British government have found several shortcomings of security in products that use VoIP. There is also worries that VoIP does not fully support its own encryption. Thus it will easily eavesdrop VoIP phones and even change what is said.

Another major problem with VoIP is that it is carried out with power and if there is a power outage, your communication will stop. It’s not like traditional telephone services, where you can still use your phone without electrical assistance. VoIP sound quality is certainly efficient in normal conditions, but when you experience high traffic time in broadband cables, it can affect sound quality.

It is undeniably that VoIP still has some disadvantages of ironed. You can use your wisdom whether to enter VoIP technology now or wait for more time until this limitation is removed. It is quite expected faster than later, the company’s research wings will overcome these shortcomings and perfect VoIP technology. But in the final analysis, VoIP benefits exceed the negative and it is for buyers who intend to study the pros and cons and make decisions based on information.

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