Technology Progress and Cellular Computational Growth

There is extraordinary progress in the field of cellular technology. This growth and progress raises a terminal such as – digital pen, digital assistant, epaper, ebook, natural user interface with smartphones, pcs tables, etc. There are a number of handheld systems such as barcode scanners, GPS, integrated voice communication systems etc. which are the result of technological advancements. This terminal plays a very important role in increasing the usefulness of cellular devices. They even help users in increasing productivity in their place in various fields and domains.

Below are some technological advancements and terminals in cellular computing that are feasible to know:

Digital & Paper Pen

Wireless pen technology developed by Digital Ink, Inc. Allows users to communicate with others with handwriting data. The system looks and writes like an ordinary pen and transmits handwriting information through a cellphone. There is no need to re-lock the data, and no paper or other bearings are needed to write and send information. Users only need to plug the device into cellular or laptop with a wireless modem and write the information needed using a digital pen. The company server will change the handwriting into a PDF or JPEG format and send it to others as an email attachment. Handwriting appears clean on the mobile screen. Digital pens are very useful and can be used in such fields – e-commerce, digital storage and communication.


Ebooks can be said to be something more than electronic novels. In other words, ebook is an electronic book that acts as a device reading information that is updating or refreshing information from other sources. With growth and progress in technology, eBooks are integrated into the current company operation. The company makes it a more preferred method to provide information in electronic form. Because office workers only have to carry one device, it is expected that handheld devices brought by cellular workers will get the equivalent of ebooks software in the field of business applications.

The device can be done on a bus, train or plane or wherever people take newspapers and books to read. Users can even update this ebook content through wireless networks. Someone can even read certain newspaper content on ebook devices from information kiosks such as train stations, malls, and other public places.


EPAPER is a rich information container that allows original paper documents to appear exactly the same when viewed on a Windows PC, desktop or wireless handheld device such as a PDA or ebook reader. This is an independent technology that can be used to transfer electronic documents to cellular workers using multiple devices. There are many benefits of epaper like –

1) People can communicate instantly through the network.

2) Information can be shared between office and personal, clients and customers, regardless of the software.

3) Users are permitted to track changes made in the document to audit any business process.

4) Professionals can read and improve research reports, information related to the stock market, industry analysis and other reports via PC or laptop.

Natural user interface (NUI) on mobile devices

The natural user interface (NUI) can be said to be all forms of interfaces to computing machines that believe in the form of natural information input. There are two modes like – the introduction of natural human voices and normal handwriting recognition. There are several existing products for handwriting and voice recognition which are expected to be launched in the coming years.

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