How to start a business with zero finance

Can you make money from nothing? Do you not want to know how to start a business with zero finance? Don’t be shocked because the net makes this not only possible, but it is also easy to do for everyone. Do you need to be a computer teacher? The answer is no! You don’t need to be a computer expert or internet marketing specialist. All you need is a fire in your stomach to achieve success and sustainable desires to learn. We will see 3 simple steps and will expand it later.


It’s a matter of millions of dollars, right? Alright, let’s take step by step:

1. Start blog – Once upon a time, to launch a minimum business required is an investment to create a website that looks professional. Today too, the website is a big asset when you start a new e-business. However, it’s not the only way to do it. You can also use a blog. Free blog and the best way to launch your business with zero investment. You can add everything you need on a blog including a shopping basket, auto responder and all the equipment needed to run a simple but efficient website – everything is free even though you have the option to improve the service you receive from whatever provider you choose.

There are some out there: –

1. Blog / blogger place
2. WordPress.
3. Type the pad.
4. Some hosting companies provide blogging options.

2. Affiliate marketing – this is an extraordinary way to make your business for free. What this means is that you advertise other people’s products and get commissions for it. In some examples depending on what you promote the parent organization that you want to be an affiliate not only offers free and well-designed websites, but also all the tools and assistance you need to market their products. In addition, you will get a percentage as a commission for every sale that you make through your website.

3. Free ads – To make yourself known on the internet, you need to advertise your presence heavily and continuously. This too, can be achieved for free. All you have to do is write some informative and interesting articles and send it to article directories or free ezine. This process will help you build traffic that should be imitated to your blog almost overnight and your business will show profits in a short time.

So thinking of starting a business and has no money, don’t despair. The ingredients for success are these three simple steps, positive and thirsty attitudes that are not extinguished to succeed.

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