3 foundations to successfully signal your business

Before you start documenting the system and process in your business, there are a number of things you need to do to prepare this. These activities provide the foundation for your systematization trip and will give you a solid framework for documenting systems that you know your business needs and it will add value.

Ignoring this important foundation work before you start documenting the system will cause you to document the things you do in ad hoc, hit and miss mode, and even worse, you will never see the end of your systemization trip, just because you don’t Set your starting point or final point.

So, what three important basic works do you need to have before you start documenting the system and processes in your business?

Piece Piece 1: Analyze your current business conditions: This is important because you need to know where you started. When you analyze your current business conditions, you need to determine what works in your business and what doesn’t work.

For things that don’t work as you want, specify how important this is for the success of your business. Maybe it’s something too long to do, maybe it doesn’t make you the results you want, or you wait for someone else to do their bits. This is the area of ​​your business problem that has the potential to suck your mountains.

So, do how many priorities are in a large scheme of things and if they are important for the success of your business (ie: like following up with customers or pursuing late payments) or less important (such as advertising in a luxury magazine) and then you can make a commitment to rotate the problem and make the system to manage it so the problem is removed

Piece Foundational 2: Create your system development plan: Don’t try to navigate to the other side of the world without a map, compass and a pair of good running shoes.

The same applies to systemisization because it is really like traveling from one side of your business through the whole world of physical changes and mindset to get to the other side.

Make your system development plan by doing what you will document, and when you will document it, based on your priority to the success of your business.

Piece 3: Create a standard template that all your processes will write. If you don’t take the time in advance to create a standard template, guaranteed, every process you write, it looks different, feels different and looks different from what you expect, just because you don’t base your systemis consistently approach to start.

At a minimum minimum template must state the name of the process, the expected results and steps needed to get there.

Wrap: these basic pieces, will make you ready for the success of the system in your business. They give you the foundation in the necessary thoughts needed to be able to switch from “reactive” mode to operate in a planned, structured and consistent way to work every day. One that gives consistent results for your customers and you!

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